Corporate Identity & Logo Design

We develop the logos by which great companies are recognized.

The most important element of your marketing effort is the corporate identity. Your corporate image reflects how your company is perceived. A logo should inspire your clients and motivate employees.

We at Green Dot have the expertise and talent to design a logo which exactly matches your companies character. By beginning with a conversation about your company and its goals we discover then understand the essence and create an image which best brands your business. If your company already has an established and recognizable logo but the company's character has out grown it than a logo redesign is what may be required. A redesign for an established corporate identity will take your company to the next level of success. We know because we have acheived this goal for many of our clients.

Let us have a conversation about your company's corporate identity and see how our design talent can make your company better.

We create powerful corporate brands.

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