Importance of Website Maintenance

Posted 9.20.11. Written by Izabela Brzostek,Vice President of Business Development.

The economical situation worldwide is getting tougher for every business. Everybody from small business owners to ceo's of large corporations are looking for ways to cut back to meet the bottom line. Cutting spending is necessary when times are tough but are you cutting in the right places? First thing going out the door is advertising budget. Not a wise idea in my opinion. How are you reaching your customers or potential clients? Demanding and competitive market calls for making your presence known among your targeted audience. Green Dot Design has been helping their customers doing exactly that. The best and fastest way to put your company on the map is having a website. It must be well designed, functional and most of all search engine friendly. It does not end there. Having regular monthly maintenance and fresh content added will ensure your website's rankings on all major search engines. Green Dot will not only design your website but will also help you maintain it on monthly bases. This is an important aspect of being a website owner. Anything you own, your house or a car, requires maintenance. Same concept applies to your business and your website. Website design and maintenance is essential to continue attracting new customers. Let our professionals contribute to your money making machine and give it some TLC. We understand todays consumers are very price driven. But don't fall for companies that offer things too good to be true. They may offer a better deal but don't be fooled. And most of all, hire a company doing business on American soil. Just because they have an 800 number does not mean it is ringing in America. Many of them outsource to India or the Philippines and that is where your trouble starts. They will not do anything outside the box. These people stick to a script and you better like it. Green Dot Design guarantees thinking outside the box providing solutions that best fit your budget and needs. Green Dot is made in America, by Americans for American businesses.

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