Basics of What to Look For When Choosing a Website Development Company

Posted 5.3.11. Updated 9.19.11. Written by Arsen Brzostek, President.

Website development has grown beyond everyones imagination from it's first days of being available to the public in 1994 to what it is today. Business branding is benefiting from the consistent corporate image throughout all marketing and advertising materials, be it print or digital. In the early years of the world wide web a powerful corporate image was only achievable through print materials. Websites provided only basic design variables to be applied, which for the most part, only degraded a company's corporate image. The contemporary Internet allows for many variations of design to be implemented aligning every individual branding element. Now Websites are visually appealing as well as provide a host of tools to communicate a companys message, product, reinforce the brand, and complete the circle to the physical point of purchase through ecommerce technologies.

When first choosing a Website development company research their past track record of designing clean, functional and professional sites, their ability to create a return on investment into the production of the website and client service. Finding a company which understands good design and also how to get your site noticed online are both very important. Most web development companies do not provide these two combined services. Finding such a company can be an arduous task as most web develpment companies provide only one of these two important elements. Through my experience many companies do not choose a web development company based on proven experience, good design capabilities or service track record, but instead on a certain budget. The decision to choose a website development company based solely on the lowest bidder actually ends up costing the client more money than expected. More often than not the unexperienced web developer struggles to provide the product and service which is expected by the client. In the worst case scenerios, clients have shared with me that their previous website developer ceased all communication, abandoning them and their project midway. The client is then forced to spend more time and money to look for a new company, who will be willing to finish a website started by another firm, or create a new site altogether. It ends up costing the client time, money and in todays economy, quite possibly their company.

Keeping a website's content fresh and up-to-date has always been one of the most important aspects related to their relevance which directly translates into being found easily on search engines. Google, for example, places importance on the information relevancy and how often it is updated on a site. Being an online authority on the subject of your business by providing fresh content will rank your site higher than other websites containing old and infrequently updated information. Writing news and information articles, such as the article you are reading now, than publishing them onto your site as well as sharing it with others is a very effective method to boost your website ranking on search engines. Strong links leading potential clients back to your website from other related sites also rovides a solid amount of traffic. Maintaining your site's info, being an authority on your industries subject by implementing frequent articles and receiving strong back links will all help rank your website high in search results. The development company of your choice should be proficient with all of these methods and more to be an asset to your business.

Most importantly when choosing the company to develop your website you should have a good feeling about them. Trust your intuition. Ask the web development company the right questions about their experience, methodologies, design philosophies and make sure they are the right fit for your company. Good luck and I wish you much success!

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